Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Baking Savoury Muffins

It’s so nice to go into the garden and pick our own baby marrows that my sister, Kelly, grew for us, and collect an egg that our hen, Sybil, laid for savoury muffins!

Its sooo much fun to crack eggs that we know is from our hens and not from the shops!


...And to grate our organic marrows with my sister Kelly...

We chopped, grated and sifted, then we put them in the oven and waited for them to finish baking... 

When they were finished we took them out the oven they looked and smelt amazing (but I think they would look much nicer on a plate with avocado and homemade pickled onions! Don’t you?!)!

 Lots of love, Beth


  1. Lovely Beth! You make my mouth water, and I know just what you mean about baking with your own farm ingredients! Doesn't it just bring a special happiness into something that could have been so ordinary?

  2. Enjoyed the photos! Everything looks good!

  3. Oh they look so good! I love the smell of muffins!!
    Grace x♥x


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