Sunday, 22 February 2015

Super Time With My Sisters

Every Sunday my sister, Kelly, said that she would do what she calls ‘Super Special Sister Time’ with my sister Gabrielle and I. 
The first Sunday we learnt about being caring.  While Kelly was talking, we drank tea and ate biscuits. 
After tea we made some cards for the orphans in Uganda.  

The second Sunday we made coconut ice and learnt about love.  Kelly gave us each a journal so that we could write about the lesson and the memory verse.

I would like to share the memory verse from the second week with you:

“Love never fails.” 1 Corinthians 13:8. 

Here is another one I like:

“Love one another.”  1 John 4:7.

Both of these verses I love and make me want be a nicer person and more like JESUS.  Sometimes it’s hard, but we must keep trying.  

Hope you enjoyed this post!

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Baking Savoury Muffins

It’s so nice to go into the garden and pick our own baby marrows that my sister, Kelly, grew for us, and collect an egg that our hen, Sybil, laid for savoury muffins!

Its sooo much fun to crack eggs that we know is from our hens and not from the shops!


...And to grate our organic marrows with my sister Kelly...

We chopped, grated and sifted, then we put them in the oven and waited for them to finish baking... 

When they were finished we took them out the oven they looked and smelt amazing (but I think they would look much nicer on a plate with avocado and homemade pickled onions! Don’t you?!)!

 Lots of love, Beth

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Meet Chloe

 Hello everyone! Meet little Chloe.  She is adorably cute and cuddly and has a little worried expression on her face and fat rolls on her legs.

She likes to play with Izzie (Kelly’s dog), chase the cat and sleep in the lettuce patch.  She is very curious and tries to play with our hen, Miss Bennet, but Mr. Darcy (the rooster), chases her away!
She LOVES her little toy bunny (with no head!) that Nancy fixed for her. 

Now I’ll let her say a few words... 

“Hi everyone, my name is Chloe.  I am a little pure bred Jack Russell Terrier (short legged) and I like to be cuddled and petted, to eat, and to chase Izzie.  I love to sleep in the lettuce patch and play with a strange looking stuffed animal with no head! 
Mum says I have to go to the bathroom outside but who wants to go outside when there’s a nice comfy carpet?!  Can’t say any more now - got to go as it’s supper time!!
Did I mention I like to eat??”

Well, like Chloe said, it’s her supper time so I’d better go and feed her!

  Goodbye for now then!


Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Meet My Pets

On our farm we have lots of animals.

We have three chickens named Mr. Darcy, Miss Bennet and Sybil.  Mr. Darcy likes to chase and attack us while Miss Bennet is our laying hen and is very timid.  Sybil on the other hand doesn’t lay yet is very curious and likes to play with Izzie the dog.

 Sybil used to sleep on my head when she was a chick!

Mr Darcy is a proud rooster!

Sybil is now grown up and is very pretty!

We also have six guinea pigs (I won’t tell you all their names because it will take too long), but I will tell about one particular guinea pig named Fudge.  I got him in 2009.  He is the best tempered sweetest guinea pig in the world.  He comes when I call him and doesn’t run away from me.

 Me and my sisters cuddling our guinea pigs!

 Mr. Knightly and Jewel.

We have two budgies named Popcorn and Miranda, who aren’t quiet for a second!

We have a white fluffy cat named Sarafina, who is not very bright.  She is very friendly and always purrs!

And there’s Izzie, Kelly’s dog.  She is very naughty and chases Mr. Darcy, but he turns the tables on her and chases her!

Well I think that’s all of them. As you can see, we have quite a few animals to take care of! They are all very special in their own ways and we love playing with them, feeding them and watching their antics. They are worth all the hard work!

What pets do you have?

Love, Beth