Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Meet My Pets

On our farm we have lots of animals.

We have three chickens named Mr. Darcy, Miss Bennet and Sybil.  Mr. Darcy likes to chase and attack us while Miss Bennet is our laying hen and is very timid.  Sybil on the other hand doesn’t lay yet is very curious and likes to play with Izzie the dog.

 Sybil used to sleep on my head when she was a chick!

Mr Darcy is a proud rooster!

Sybil is now grown up and is very pretty!

We also have six guinea pigs (I won’t tell you all their names because it will take too long), but I will tell about one particular guinea pig named Fudge.  I got him in 2009.  He is the best tempered sweetest guinea pig in the world.  He comes when I call him and doesn’t run away from me.

 Me and my sisters cuddling our guinea pigs!

 Mr. Knightly and Jewel.

We have two budgies named Popcorn and Miranda, who aren’t quiet for a second!

We have a white fluffy cat named Sarafina, who is not very bright.  She is very friendly and always purrs!

And there’s Izzie, Kelly’s dog.  She is very naughty and chases Mr. Darcy, but he turns the tables on her and chases her!

Well I think that’s all of them. As you can see, we have quite a few animals to take care of! They are all very special in their own ways and we love playing with them, feeding them and watching their antics. They are worth all the hard work!

What pets do you have?

Love, Beth

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  1. All the animals are quite good-looking! Enjoyed the photos. We have 36 chickens or so, 3 cats, and a dog.


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